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My type of therapy

Very often, I'm asked about " what do you do , when you do therapy " .

What I do is meet people where they're at. This isn't any simple task, as I found out when i was training. It takes putting aside a bit of your own stuff and attuning to what's going on for the person in front of you.

I've noticed that many people try to rush to solutions or assume they know what's going on and start talking over the other person. If you're doing that , STOP .

In my training I was taught about ' presence before therapy ' , it's bloody important. Now-a-days it's pretty seamless for me, it just flows, but once ... it was virtually impossible at times to contain what was going on for me and be available for the other person. That's where therapy starts , being available fully , not having your own stuff getting in the way . That's when you make contact.

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