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"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them"  Einstein

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Counselling & Psychotherapy 

Meet Tony 



A little about me ...

I'm a 52 yr old kiwi bloke living in the Waikato.

The Waikato became home to me almost 6 years ago (2015), but it's felt like it was always my home.  

Prior to this, I lived in Auckland, where I began training as a male counselor and continued training in psychotherapy.

A few things that matter to me ...

I want a client to experience therapy as fun, when possible. I approach my practice with a real world attitude, underpinned by solid training and theory. I hope you get to experience that with me. 

I attend personal and professional development and will do so throughout the lifetime of my practice, this also includes supervision, which is regarded as an ethical and responsible part of practice. This is to enhance my own self-awareness and the working relationship I build with the client (the metaphor of; practice what I preach).

Something I view as essential, is the ability for a client to have their own language for the change they experience. Part of our time together involves the client practicing the change they're looking for and seeing how it looks and feels. 

I believe that these three things (fun, self-awareness, client's own language of change), are the beginning of something worthwhile and change promoting.  Since the beginning of my practice, clients have commented they wished they'd met me sooner, here's some testimonials for you to take a look at if you're curious...


Why Therapy ?

If you don't have your own answers to questions, therapy can help


   There are many reasons for why you would seek therapeutic support, all are valid.

   In my practice, I haven't met a client, that wasn't justified in seeking support. Here's a few reasons     for approaching a therapist.  


   Trauma ... whether it be a quick shock to your system or multiple events over time, this can lead         to not being able to function in the way you prefer. 

   Depression/Anxiety ... these descriptions of experience are prevalent in society and are often           diagnosed after only 15 mins (some medical models), one possible result of this, is that a               person can be medicated with seemingly no end in sight. In my practice I have noted that approx     50% of client's are wrongly diagnosed with Depression or Anxiety, usually due to the time taken       for diagnosis. 

   There are alternative or complementary treatment plans to medications if you want them.

   Poor Communication ... this often surfaces in Relationships , and is what I call 'missing each other'

   The most common factor I see regarding communication, is that people expect themselves to be     experts at relating with each other, and are shocked when their method of relating doesn't               always work.  We can be left with desperation due to not knowing how to resolve our problem.

   You might also seek support for...  Fear, Shame, Grief, Advocacy, Mediation.



I recommend working with Tony, especially if you want to improve and deepen the relationships in your life - not only with others, but the one you have with yourself.


When we work together ....

The approach I take with my clients, is to provide a space, where they can openly and authentically express themselves without judgement, shame or criticism. During this process I call on my training in Transactional Analysis and other ideas, to help You decide a new way of expressing your needs.

I take a whole-body approach. I consider four core elements,  How you feel, Why you think the way you do, Where is there any related bodily discomfort, and What you're currently doing to resolve all of it. This is called the Self-in-Relationship. However I don't limit our work to these four elements.

There will  be very important reasons, for where you are in your life, even if you don't want to be experiencing what you are. No one element exists in isolation to others, so we begin a journey of re-integration of those switched off elements.


If necessary, I provide referrals to other practitioners, that complement my practice, so that you may find multiple levels of relief . You the client, and I, work in partnership to decide what that looks like, at a pace suitable for You.

It is possible that you will experience our work as different to anything in your past.

If you want to be in contact with me...  leave me a message via email, phone, or text. 


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021 0265 4823

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Hamilton , Waikato , NZ


$150 per session.  Payment via cash or internet banking.

Cancellations within 24 hrs will be charged at full session fee.

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        Hours : Mon - Thur 9-5:30    last booking                               Fri               9-3         last booking

         I work with Clients between the ages of 

                              20 - 60 years old